State of the Art of Technology

KEMview is a state-of-the-art editing table, adapted to the needs of modern archival work. It is designed to ease and accelerate not only the physical work with precious, original archive stock
It features HD-proxy scanning with every sound-format embedded, awesome winding quality and easy metadata-management

All the features of KEM’s smaller version of preparation tables (KEMwind) are available here, in addition to several other options. But this is not only  a winding table, it is a digital and gentle viewing, preparation and editing table up to 6 plates

The drives of KEMview work without capstan-, sprocket- or press-on rollers. Its cybernetic-control-system produces beautiful and evenly winded film reels in a freely adjustable and consistent film tension over the entire radius – to prepare the stock in different tensions, customised for different purposes like transport, scanning or archiving

Made to make Preparation Work easy

KEMview is available in versions up to three stock-paths – all of them are as straight as possible. The picture path is located nearest to the operator to ease work on the picture stock. A brass scraping plate and an adjustable working back light are useful tools for this, too. The system is protected against spark discharge, isolated and suitable for any kind of stock, even dried out or curled stock

The table provides both, manual operation and automatic modes for autonomous rewinding, recording and ventilation. It reaches the desired film tension gently while it detects longitudinal shrinkage and further physical parameters of the stock. The operating is derived from the JogShuttle-wheel-operation, well known from the linear video post production

Recording of 35/16 stock in HD-Proxies with SEPMAG, COMOPT or COMMAG. An encoded WiFi-data-interface is installed to the connectable KEMapp, an app for iPad to evaluate and document metadata (available soon)