KEMview key features

Key Features

HD-recording with embedded sound: SEPMAG, COMOPT and COMMAG

Suitable for any stock, any format or state: photographic, magnetic, wet, dry, curled or torn

Sprocket-less, no capstan or press-on-roller

Consistent and stable winding and adjustable film tension

Safety stop at end, tear-off, split and sticky stock

Slows down automatically at the end of the reel

Electronic spark arrestor, insulation and dissipation

Self-detection of winding direction

JogShuttle control or foot-pedal control(opt)

Customise-able stroboscopic LED backlight

Magnifier-lamp and brass work plate

Rollers for special film formats (opt)

Changeable PTR-rollers (opt)

Transparent hood with air suction and filter (opt)

Truss®-rig for mounting individual monitors shelfs, tools and lights (opt)