Do you remember that terrifying noise of a film roll pulled tight together while winding? – You will never hear this sound again because KEMroll is a new technology for safe winding of our precious archival film heritage in any condition

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KEMroll is a variable speed modern rewind table for almost any film format producing a winding quality never seen before without sprockets- or capstans. It is designed for evaluation, visual and haptic study, preparation and ventilation of any film stock.

This new amazing rewinding table guarantees a precise and consistent wind with the film tension adjusted at 7.05oz. This tension is consistent over the entire reel and completely unaffected by stopping, changes of speed or direction during your  work with a KEMroll.

You may control the film by touch during rewinding, or even cut the film material and start winding over again – the film tension never change.

KEMroll reaches extremely high and low winding speeds while applying astoundingly gentle treatment to the film by touching only the edges.

With its affordable price and its modern features for the need of contemporary archival work KEMroll is designed to save the value of your analog film stock.

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