KEMview technical details

KEMview Technical Details

Photographic film formats: 8/ 16/ 35mm – 9.5/ 17.5/ 28/ 22mm (opt)

 Magnetic film formats: 16/ 35mm – 17.5mm (opt)

Max. length of reels (spools) : 2130i (650m)

Free adjustable winding speed: 0 to 125fps (FF-REW)

Free adjustable film tension: 12oz (350g) to 1.75oz (50g)

Electrostatic protection: 100% antistatic, current arrester

Video-output: YCbCr 1080p HDMI, external video grabber

Embedded sound, sampling at 48kHz

LED cold, continuous and monochrome, approx. 5600°K

Backlight synchronised to current fps

Temp: 43° – 131°F (5° to 55°C)

Humidity: 15% – 80% rel. humidity, non-condensing

Dimensions (L*W*H): 2’10.2” x 6’6.74”x 2’6.7” (87 x 200 x 78cm)

Approx. Weight: 440 lbs (ca. 200 kg)

Power supply: AC 110/240 V at 60/50 Hz

Operation voltage: 240V, 48V (motors), 24V, 5V

Current consumption: 7.0 A