KEM in (still) time of Covid-19

Hamburg, December, 2021

Not only Xmas, after all this time, Covid-19 is still around…

But KEM Studiotechnik is still around, too.
And despite of all what is going wrong around in the world in the moment, we keep up the fight for better tools for archivists. Maybe the protection and preservation of our precious film heritage will help mankind to overcome ages like this some day.

For them, right in the middle of the pandemic in 2021 we rolled out our latest genius tribute to that: KEMview, a state-of-the-art, awesome gentle film preservation, viewing and proxy recording table:

To see further information, please look at our tab KEMview on this site.

And please stay healthy and around!

KEM in the time of Corona

empty cinema

Hamburg, March, 27th 2020

Even in these difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), we would like to keep you informed about our latest news and activities at this point.

Despite Corona, we are still there for you!

At the moment our highest goal is to protect all our employees, their families, our customers, business partners and friends from infection as far as possible.

Therefore, KEM Studiotechnik has made organisational preparations so that it can continue to be there for you, albeit somewhat restricted. In addition to necessary short-time work parts of the workforce continue working based at the home office.

Nothing changes in the known contact channels via email, telephone, etc. You are able to contact us as before.

Let us fight this corona virus together so that we can emerge from this crisis as soon as possible and hopefully strengthened.

Stay healthy!

—Franz Kober, CEO KEM Studiotechnik ltd.

ARRI-WS 2018

The ARRI-Archive-Workshop2018 was once again the maybe most important come together 2018 of film-high-tech and archive-professionals.
At our booth we met so many old and new friends and got enormous important suggestions there.
ARRI’s workshop is indispensable for exchange of information and technological progress in film archives.