Just imagine:  Your Analog Editing Table can now be converted to a Digital HD-Display. You can have a HD-recording in currently the most effective and widespread professional video formats while viewing (including sound). It is here now, it is called: KEMscreen and STEevolution


KEMscreen (for KEM) and STEevolution (for Steenbeck) are upgradable digital imaging systems for analog film editing tables with modern, digital picture and sound output.

This system replaces the bulky and inferior picture-modules of analog editing tables with a modern digital technique using flat screen displays and active speakers. They enable digital ad-hoc recordings while viewing archival stock of both, picture and sound, in a single step.

With this retrofit-set you can make ad-hoc recordings in a modern HD-video-format  very cost efficiently. The recordings include the embedded sync-sound (whichever sound-format your table provides (e.g. SEPMAG or COMMAG)). The core-system can be changed in between your tables with KEMscreen-table interfaces.

The system is currently designed for the Black Magic Micro Cinema camera, but is  basically independent from the camera. Both, 16mm and 35mm prints can be recorded with soundtrack in picture or full frame natively. At the moment the new system is available for editing tables of KEM  rapid (KEMscreen) and Steenbeck (STEevolution).
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