KEMscreen key features

Key Features:   (opt) = Option

  • Video display Flat screen
  • Video & Audio recording
  • KEM KS & Steenbeck ST 6000
  • 35/ 16mm
  • HD UHD ready (depending on camera)
  • KEMcore (P) image processing unit
  • Breakout box with complete connectivity
  • Camera remote control(op)
  • Lut-box (op)
  • Synchronized LED Light Source (op)

Criteria of Improving the Picture Quality of KEMscreen

  1. Instead of the bulky sheet housing, the transparency ground glass and the up to 7 surface reflectors inside of the editing table picture-modules there will be a lean system only
  2. The dove prism will be refurbished
  3. The projection lens which is included in the table will be replaced
  4. KEMcore (P)  fits the dynamic range of film materials into the one of the Camera
  5. The camera records the picture in digital cinema quality
  6. The warm artificial light source can be replaced by a brighter cold light LED